As starter a little bit of history...

As a starter

a little bit of history...

The first tram, which was steam, began its journey in 1890. It disappeared after twenty years of service in 1910. He replaced the electric tram that made the same route, which was municipalized until his disappearance in 1937.

In 1942, and due to the shortage of fuel as a result of the Second World War, the town hall removed from the old station of the Alcaravaneras, in the lot that today occupies the Yacht Club, the old wagons and a steam locomotive that circulated A few years ago, she was baptized and popularized with the name of “La Pepa” because, apparently, the day of “San José” appeared for the first time.

In honor of those who shared this living part of the history of the city of Las Palmas and its citizens …

la pepa de triana



To get on the “La Pepa” wagon is to experience an exuberance of the traditional. The gastronomic proposal is inspired by Mediterranean and Canarian cuisine.

This project is created by our renowned chef, Walter Ortega, who with a lot of soul, aligns the best professionals to form a team that manages to win the satisfaction of their guests with every smell and taste.

We have achieved that in our restaurant you can enjoy the different environments at every moment of the day. Whether with a light lunch, a business meeting, a romantic stay or just a good cocktail.


Walter Ortega